Theology & Bible Class is on a 2 week break and will reconvene July 7th
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Renovation Project


We are so grateful for the generosity of the people who have donated to our renovation fund! 

Here is one example!

Abby is 5 yrs old and decided to hold an art sale to sell her beautiful paintings.  

All of her donations are going to be added to the FBC Renovation Fund! She was so excited to show Pastor Ryan all of her masterpieces.


The renovations look GREAT!

Thank you Abby!!


-COVID 19-

Hello FBC and friends,

Per Governor Baker’s recommendations, we are looking to re-open our public worship on Sunday, May 31, with the qualifications outlined by the state.  To do this effectively, a few items need to happen:

  1. We can have up to 130 people in the church sanctuary (40% of our max capacity).  Every other row will be blocked off. Non-family members must stay 6-feet apart.  In a 13-foot pew, that would fit three people non-related (1 on each end and 1 in the middle).  With 14 available pews to use, that would only give us 60 people if you average 4 per pew between related and non-related congregants. That should be fine, since it is likely that many will choose to watch online or from home for a while still. 

  2. Everyone over the age of 6 will need to wear a mask inside the church.  Children under 2 are not recommended to have masks on at all, and ages 2-5 are at the discretion of the parent or guardian.  

  3. Please remember to wash hands appropriately, and to avoid the urge to contact, handshake, and embrace one another.  While you personally might think this is fine, safe, or worth the risk, others may see this and feel that we are not providing a safe environment (which would deter them from returning).  Many people will feel put in an awkward position to decline a handshake if they aren’t comfortable.

  4. Fellowship hour is not allowed by order of the state, so unfortunately, we will have to dismiss right after service.  

  5. We will have the sanctuary cleaned and disinfected professionally after each service. 

MA Places of Worship

Safety Protocols 


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Sunday Service - Public Worship

Please see details at the top of our Home page for the protocols and details of

re-opening our public worship on

Sundays at 9:30am

Sunday Service - Online Broadcast

The broadcast of the Sunday service is available each Sunday at 4:30pm on our "Online Sermon - Video" Page

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Wednesday Night Bible Study

The Wednesday Night Bible Study starts at 6:45 p.m. through Zoom. If you’d like to join in, contact the church